Feb 1st 2021 | Sixth Edition

Alpha Ori announces strategic partnership with Bahri to deploy SMARTShip™

Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT) the leading provider of maritime digital solutions and Bahri Ship Management (BSM) one of the renowned maritime service providers in the Middle East signed a contract to deploy SMARTShip™ platform on 40 ships in Bahri’s fleet.

SMARTShip™, Alpha Ori’s IoT platform, is known for its cutting edge computing and AI enabled applications providing intelligent alerts, advanced analytics and insights in real time. The platform provides a ‘live connect’ experience by connecting to all the ship’s machineries – Navigation, Cargo and Engine control systems. With 3k to 5K data points flowing at 30 sec intervals directly from the machineries to the AOT’s Cloud, SMARTShip™ uses machine learning algorithms to bring the power of AI in vessel management, fuel savings and predictive maintenance.

SMARTShip™’s web and mobile interfaces enable the ship operators to meet their safety and sustainability goals using various easy to use applications such as customizable reporting, geo location based alarm system, charter party dashboards, remote monitoring and diagnostics.
SMARTShip™ with its array of benefits to ship owners and operators in the industry has gained widespread recognition in the market. The contract with Bahri was finalized after a successful completion of a three month trial on one of Bahri’s VLCC.

“Since its founding Alpha Ori’s endeavor has been to step up the digital roadmap for the shipping industry by delivering secure and sustainable solutions, optimizing vessel performance, cost savings and reducing pain points. With SMARTShip™, AOT has delivered on its promises to our customers and we are confident that Bahri will benefit from this partnership”.

Bala Sankaran

About the author

Bahri Ship Management is the pioneer of integrated ship management solutions in the Middle East. Positioned as the national shipping carrier of Saudi Arabia, they are the largest owner and operator of Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) in the world, and the largest owner of chemical tanker ships in the Middle East.

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