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Decarbonize your entire fleet with technology that helps reduce CO₂ emissions, reach IMO standards, and navigate ECA zones more easily.

SMART Emission App:

Compliance for a Greener Planet 

Alpha Ori Technologies is committed to help you comply with your emissions reporting requirements. View, edit and report on your vessel’s energy efficiency KPIs (EEOI, AER, CII)  using SMART Emission App, a simple, robust and secure tool to relevant entities (including SeaCargo Charter). Get insights and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Simple Data Collection Method
  • Robust Validation
  • Single Click Output
  • CII Estimator for Future Voyages


1600+ vessels on platform

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What’s the situation in Maritime?

With 90% of world trade being transported by sea, CO₂ emissions from shipping are huge and rising. To counter this, the IMO has set standards to halve emissions from 2008 levels by 2050.

However, the growth of shipping is outpacing efficiency improvements and at the current rate, emissions are projected to be up to 130% higher than 2008 levels by 2050. So, what can be done?

Let’s make a change

The IMO has adopted strict mandatory measures that all shipping companies must comply with to prevent pollution, reduce emissions, and increase efficiency within international shipping. 

Alpha Ori Technologies supports you and your fleet to meet and exceed IMO standards. With the latest digital technology powered by AI, we can enable fuel optimization, hull efficiency monitoring, and predictive maintenance to minimize fuel use and decarbonize the entire maritime industry.

We’re committed to
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Join the shipping companies saving fuel and drastically cutting carbon emissions with a range of intelligent digital solutions to suit your enterprise. 

330+ vessels

Already use SMARTShip™ & SMARTVoyager and have reduced CO₂ by up to 10%

810+ vessels

Set to be onboarded to AOT during 2023. Meaning reduced CO₂ footprints via route and speed optimization

Helping halve
emissions by 2050

To date we’ve helped shipping companies like yours make these savings







The tech to make it happen 

In the global effort to combat climate change our technology helps you reduce CO₂ emissions and live up to the standards set by the IMO. Here’s how:

Total Fuel Oil Consumption

SMARTShip™’s patented fuel saving module (TFOC) optimizes the total fuel oil consumption and reduces CO₂ emissions during a voyage by between 5–10%. The commercial team and the ship master are provided with recommended speed between waypoints throughout the voyage in real-time.

Automated Hull Performance Monitoring

The AHPM app in SMARTShip™ constantly checks hull performance characteristics of a vessel with respect to benchmarks and historical data. It allows users to check consumption at various speeds while considering current loading (draft) and hull condition. It also provides cleaning recommendations for better fuel consumption.

AssetAI Predictive Maintenance

The AssetAI module uses AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify anomalies and detect potential failure early, thereby eliminating equipment breakdowns. With condition-based maintenance, it’s possible to monitor equipment condition and its remaining useful life enabling greater sustainability.

SMARTVoyager Sustainability App

The SMARTVoyager Sustainability App computes emissions from historical, present or future voyages for all vessels. Reports can be generated based on a desired format and highlight specific key parameters. For example, the emissions module can monitor EEOI, AER and CII and generate reports meeting the demands of the Sea Cargo Charter. It is also independently verified by the DNV to meet statutory and regulatory requirements. It now includes CII estimator for future voyages as well.

ECA Compliance App

At a fundamental level, SMARTShip™ provides full transparency of carbon accountability. It reduces total fuel oil consumption over a voyage by 5–10%, minimizes CO₂ emissions, and it also calculates fuel related emissions helping ship owners navigate through emission control areas (ECA zones) to ensure regulatory compliance. These are the real-world solutions that are helping to decarbonize the entire maritime industry.

SMARTShip reduces CO₂

With SMARTShip™’s fuel saving module the total fuel oil consumption over a voyage is reduced by 5–10% thereby minimizing CO₂ emissions. It also calculates sulphur emissions and helps the ship master navigate through ECA zones with regulatory compliance. All records are kept for easy viewing for audits and regulatory submissions. 

Emissions measurements for banks and regulators

Performance improvements for higher score/ incentive schemes

Geofencing alerts on regulatory boundaries (Eg: fuels, charges)

Key metrics available for fuel saved, dollar value & associated CO₂ reduction

Allows energy efficiency benchmarking

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