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As your thought partner in digital maritime solutions, we’ll help you navigate your digital transformation for the long term. Connect your fleet from ship to shore and stay informed with insights and analysis that put you ahead of the competition, streamline your operations, and reduce environmental impact.

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Reduce CO₂

What if you could effectively decarbonize your entire fleet? In the global effort to combat climate change, our technology helps you reduce CO₂ emissions and live up to the IMO standards set for the maritime industry worldwide.

Stay safe

Imagine having a complete overview of your fleet’s operational compliance and safety. With all this taken care of, you can focus on the decision-making that boosts profitability.

Grow your company

Alpha Ori Technologies sharpens your company’s competitiveness and accelerates growth. Stay informed with ship-to-shore data-driven intelligence, enabling sharper decision-making that increases your profits.

Take control

Get the edge you need through technology that connects you to every one of your vessels. With real-time monitoring and diagnostics you can boost operational efficiency and maintain optimal reliability and availability.

Products & Solutions


Get real-time visibility of your entire fleet so you can make faster, more informed decisions. 


Complete transparency, accountability, and safety is at your fingertips. 


Sharpen your competitive edge and watch your TCE grow.


Get the holistic overview of your maritime data across your fleet.

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SMART Notifications

We’ve helped customers transform 1.8 billion data points into meaningful insights that inform pre-emptive decisions. Learn how to keep compliant and prevent equipment failure.

10% fuel savings?

Using SMARTShip™’s TFOC module a gas carrier recorded 357.5 MT in fuel savings over 12 voyages. That’s ~9.1% reduced fuel consumption, 178,000 USD cost saving, and a substantial ~1,113 MT reduction in CO₂ emissions.

Want to boost profits and performance?

Working towards a profitable carbon-free future

We believe sustainability and better business can go hand in hand. By using digital maritime solutions, you can save on fuel costs and carbon emissions. That means a greener, more profitable future for us all. Alpha Ori’s SMARTShip™ and SMARTVoyager platforms are operational on over 300 vessels, successfully reducing the carbon emissions by up to 10%.

Join us in meeting and exceeding IMO standards and cutting emissions by 50% across the entire maritime industry by 2050.

SMART Emission App:

Compliance for a Greener Planet 

Alpha Ori Technologies is committed to help you comply with your emissions reporting requirements. View, edit and report on your vessel’s energy efficiency KPIs (EEOI, AER, CII)  using SMART Emission App, a simple, robust and secure tool to relevant entities (including SeaCargo Charter). Get insights and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Simple Data Collection Method
  • Robust Validation
  • Single click output
  • CII Estimator for Future Voyages


1600+ vessels on platform

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