Apr 6th 2020 | Third Edition

SMARTShip™ enabling Ship Operations during Covid-19 Pandemic

Dear Friends,

It might be too early to conclude on how the world will look post-COVID’19, but it is certain to leave a long lasting impact and transform the world’s supply chain industry. The maritime sector has been slow to adopt SMART technologies. However, Covid-19 has shed a light on urgency to change and positioned SMARTShip™ and non-SMARTShip™ in stark contrast.Our industry is being coerced to implement remote work routines, digitalization and innovative practices. COVID-19 has accelerated the uptake of remote technologies and the trend towards the increased use of automation and its benefits are becoming apparent in this “new normal”. Ship owners and ship management companies are investing in smart ships as the realization dawns that it is the future.AOT SMARTShip™ deployed on many of our customers’ vessels are helping ship operators to run their operations successfully during COVID-19 Pandemic and be ready to compete in the “new normal”.

Sam Jha
Chief Product Officer

SMARTShip™ enabling Ship
Operations during Covid-19 Pandemic

Virtual ship visit

As the ship visits are severely restricted thanks to Covid-19 lockdowns, the Technical SuperIntendents (TSIs) are staying in touch with vessels by visiting ships virtually through state of the art SMARTShip™ Realtime and its breakthrough user experience. Real-time cargo, equipment and customized overviews with historical look back ability provides overall vessel awareness and insights into equipment and cargo operations

Remotely review equipment upkeep & condition

TSIs and Technical managers are using SMARTShip™ AI enabled application, AssetAI to review equipment upkeep and its condition remotely and detect anomaly before breakdown can occur

Remote troubleshooting & diagnostics

SMARTShip™ RMD (Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics) app is enabling TSIs to root cause and troubleshoot onboard engine problems from the office. Example: With the stricter sulphur fuel regulations, many vessels are experiencing premature failure of cylinder components (i.e. piston rings). Root cause analysis is being performed using SMARTShip™ data and applications.

Remote audits & inspections

SIRE inspections, internal audits and Navigational inspection are being planned by internal or external auditors without going onboard. This is being done by getting access to SMARTShip™ operational data to ensure the processes are being followed and routine inspections (periodic testing of safety and navigational equipment) are being carried out.

“Deploying AOT’s SMARTShip™ product on our vessels has been a really smart decision. During these challenging COVID times, SMARTShip™ is helping us stay connected virtually and continue our operations seamlessly using features such as Overviews, Dashboards, RMD, SMARTAnalytics, Asset AI etc. This is indeed a huge game changer for the industry.

Pontus Berg
Executive Vice President, Technical and Operations; BW LPG

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