Feb 6th 2021 | Seventh Edition

Alpha Ori Unveils Mobile App for SMARTShip™

Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT), the leading provider of maritime digital solutions unveiled its new mobile application SMARTShip™ GO. The mobile app, SMARTShip™ GO compliments the SMARTShip™ portal and provides the vessel’s commercial, technical and navigation information at fingertips. The objective of the app is to provide relevant vessel information to SMARTShip™ customers on the Go.

With SMARTShip™ GO, the existing SMARTShip™ customers can :

  • Virtually visit a ship in his/her fleet
  • Visualize ship’s operational parameters and performance data in real-time
  • Get SMARTNotification on the app for critical alerts
  • Track vessel fuel efficiency and carbon emissions

“Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub, but also a bridge to the physical world. Our app , SMARTShip™ GO brings the promise of SMARTShip™’s 24X7 access at a glance. With SMARTShip™ GO, ship owners and operators can stay on top of ship operations while on the GO.”

Sam Jha
Chief Product Officer

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