Feb 17th 2021 | Sam Jha, Chief Products Officer

How Alpha Ori’s SMARTShip™ Technology is revolutionizing maritime transportation

Maritime transportation is one of the oldest industries in the world, accounting for roughly 90% of global trade. Yet, there is still great potential in the future of maritime that can help ship owners and operators substantially improve and modernize the way they are currently doing business. Thanks to a new SMARTShip™ technology, members of the maritime industry are now able to advance along with the digital age to achieve faster cost savings and access data in real time to improve overall operations.

How SMARTShip™ Technology works

Alpha Ori’s SMARTShip™ technology is revolutionizing maritime transportation with breakthrough machine learning and artificial intelligence software to minimize human error, cut fuel costs, increase safety and efficiency, improve transparency, and much more.

The SMARTShip™ collects 3,000 – 5,000 data points from ships every 30 seconds and uses programs to organize all of the ship’s information into a visual interface that allows for a user-friendly experience.

The collected data is used in various SMARTShip™ applications such as TFOC, AssetAI, RMD, AHPM etc which empowers the ship operators to make data driven decisions in their day to day operations.

As an example, SMARTShip™ AssetAI module is a marine specialized cloud based predictive maintenance solution that provides real time insights, detects failures early and prescribes maintenance actions using continuous monitoring technologies, machine learning techniques, and big data analytics. Similarly, the TFOC module recommends speed over ground using met ocean data, laycan and weather forecasts and, AHPM recommends hull cleaning based on ship design data, current hull condition, sailing water temperature, power calculation and degradation since last cleaning.

The interface on this technology is similar to that of a smartphone, where users are able to easily see and access the ship’s information in a visually stimulating format so they’re no longer having to just look at data on a spreadsheet or create logs manually. Instead with the data collected, operators can also generate reports on demand directly in real-time with the ease of just a few clicks of a button.

Why choose Alpha Ori Technologies

Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT) is primarily a technology company servicing the maritime industry. However, unlike other technology companies that may be emerging in the market, AOT is spearheaded by technology experts who also share a background working in the maritime industry first-hand during their early career.

Not many people in the digital technology field can say they have personal work experience aboard cargo ships. And even fewer than that are professionals in the maritime industry who also understand Big Data, Machine Learning and AI. 

AOT is bringing breakthrough SMARTShip™ technologies made with you in mind to help bring more efficient operations, transparency, safety, and cost savings.

What does our team do

AOT’s product management team and account managers work closely with decision makers in the maritime industry to understand common challenges the ship and the shore staff are currently facing. Based on the user feedback, level of importance, and other contributing factors, the product managers brainstorm various solutions and convert them into product requirements. AOT’s engineering team takes the product requirements to begin coding a solution that is set to bring about the greatest real world impact to every stakeholder in the logistics value chain from the ship owners down to the managers, operators, surveyors, insurers, and those in between.

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About the author

Sam Jha is the Chief Product Officer at Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT). Alpha Ori is a B2B Technology company operating in IoT (Internet of Things), Ship ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Big Data Science. For any comments reach out to sam@alphaori.sg

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