Apr 1st 2021 | Eighth Edition

Alpha Ori launches AssetAI 2.0

Next Gen Predictive Maintenance Application for SMARTShip™ Users

Alpha Ori Technologies launched the second version of its AssetAI application: AssetAI PLUS. The updated version will continue to provide real time insights and proactive failure detection. Additionally, the application can now prescribe maintenance actions using continuous monitoring technologies, engage in machine learning algorithms and incorporate predictive analytics in its assessment.

AssetAI PLUS provides a holistic view of equipment health including Remaining Useful Life (RUL) estimation and suggest maintenance based on its degrading condition. The aim is to provide continuous visibility of asset condition, increase asset reliability and availability, reduce fuel cost and optimize total cost of ownership for major onboard equipment.

Key Features

  • Dynamic alert mechanism with actionable maintenance recommendation
  • Advanced anomaly detection
  • Asset health calculation
  • Remaining useful life (RUL)estimation
  • Equipment performanceAnalysis reports


  • Increase asset reliability and availability
  • Optimize maintenance costs
  • Mitigate operational risks
  • Reduce total cost of ownership(TCO)
  • Provide continuous visibility ofasset condition

“The Predictive Maintenance Application is a natural progression for us to take the maritime industry one step closer to autonomous shipping. This will play a vital role in reducing breakdown, maximizing asset utilization and optimizing total cost of ownership for the vessel owners and operators.”

Sam Jha
Chief Product Officer

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