Apr 2nd 2021 | Ninth Edition

Alpha Ori’s ASSET AI receives ClassNK Innovation Endorsement

We at Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT) are pleased to announce that we have received ClassNK certification for our predictive maintenance solution AssetAI. A marine specialized cloud based module, AssetAI runs on a real time basis, learns from sensor data of associated assets and utilizes the right machine learning algorithm to provide actionable insights.

ClassNK innovation endorsement instills confidence in ship owners for deploying a world class predictive maintenance solution onboard to monitor equipment degradation, catch anomalies and prevent failures. AOT’s AssetAI solution also provides real time health scores and remaining useful life of an equipment for planning condition based maintenance and overhaul.

“Asset-intensive organisations are always looking for ways to reduce equipment downtime, increase reliability, and improve performance while reducing operations and maintenance expenditures. AOT’s predictive maintenance solution has opened up wide possibilities for the shipping industry to move in that direction. Receiving ClassNK certification is a testament to the high standard we have set for ourselves.”

Rajesh Unni

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